Superior quality, ancient knowledge and recipes of the products, innovative approach to the production process and product range guarantee Brīvais vilnis the industry leader position for more than 65 years.
• Brīvais vilnis was the first and is so far the only fish processing company in the Baltic States that manufacturers exclusive canned fish using special fish-sorting equipment, which allows to control and guarantee quality of the products entirely.
• Brīvais vilnis was the first company awarded a certificate of compliance with the requirements of ЕU Directive 91/493/EEC that allows to export its products to the EU member states.
• Brīvais vilnis was the first company in the Baltics that started to manufacture canned fish in lithographed Hansa 190 g and Dingley 100 g easy open cans.
• in co-operation with the German partner, Brīvais vilnis has created the unique and innovative packaging for canned fish allowing a buyer to see the products inside the can, but ensuring more UV protection, and is easier and more convenient to open as against a glass jar.
• The company is a member of Association “Rīgas Šprotes”. This organization holds the collective trademark “Rīgas šprotes eļļā”, it controls quality of the products produced by members of the association and develops recommendations for improving quality.

List of societies and associations:

1) The society “Riga Sprats”
2) The Union of Latvian Fish Processing Industry
3) Latvian Chamber of Trade and Industry
4) Employers` Confederation of Latvia