Hallmark of Brīvais vilnis is high-quality sprats
• Produced in Latvia already from the 19th century!
• Sprats – source of vitamins
• Healthy product

Brīvais vilnis sprats are Baltic sprat and Baltic herring caught in the Baltic see in winter season only
Baltic sprat of pilchards and Baltic herring of clupeids caught in the Baltic Sea fit for sprats manufacturing. For its products Brīvais vilnis uses only fish caught in winter fishing seasons because it is fatty and has empty stomach.

Handwork prevails in the production process
Handpicked fish of the same size is impaled on special skewers – rods. When fish is impaled side by side attractively, these rods are put in frames forming a few tiers therein. Thereafter, frames are placed in large cubical containers.

Natural smoking process in white alder wood chips
Fish is smoked in a specially designed tunnel-type kiln. Fish is dried at the head of the tunnel, where it loses about 30% of its weight due to water evaporation. Moving along the container, fish is smoked in natural smoke currents. Smoke is generated from white alder chips. Gold colour of sprats is received this way. Smoking process is the most complicated and the most responsible stage of manufacturing.

Free from preservatives and flavour enhancers
After smoking and cooling, fish is headed, fish with visual defects resulted from smoking is removed. Only high-quality fish is manually packed – placed in cans according to certain principle, pattern and design. Then, salt and high-quality vegetable oil are added to the cans. Can is sealed and heat sterilized. Preservatives and flavour enhancers are not added. Fish evenly absorbs oil and salt during 2 weeks. The most delicious canned sprats are in 6 months from the manufacturing date. Shelf life of sprats at room temperature is 2.5 years.
Sprats stand alone in the world of canned fish. Manufacture of quality spray is a very complicated and labour-intensive process; therefore, sprats are a delicacy, a festive meal, and intended for special occasions. Brīvais vilnis is proud to offer high quality sprats produced in Latvia in the world market.